Hello! I’m Susan.

I’m an essayist, marketer, and Ashtanga yogi with a lot of stamps in my passport.

I’m currently part of the superhero Distribution team at 500 Startups.

Before 500, I was at AppSumo, promoting products to help people do better work — and home of the best email marketing coming out of Austin, Texas.

Prior to AppSumo, I ran marketing and sales for Inside Network, where I set up scalable processes for a startup that grew from from a founding team of three, to a staff of 10, to acquired in a year and a half.

Previous gigs include marketing online courses for Ramit Sethi’s IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com, content development at social gaming company hi5, and localization for international product launches at Google.

I’m a connoiseur of airports who’s lived in India, France, Turkey, Canada, and now Indonesia, and I’m secretly (shhhh) a couch-loving homebody.

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