The Endless Summer

Today is the spring equinox, the symbolic start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere (but the opposite for my Aussie friends).

The equinox signals the ending of one season and the beginning of the next.

It’s a marker that describes our planet’s tilt in relation to the sun, but more than that, it’s a cultural reminder we people have designed to get ourselves excited about starting again.

Hit refresh

It’s exciting to rally around a beginning. But, even in the middle of winter spring is making its moves underground. In nature, and in all our lives, there’s no single moment to start.

This week, I found myself continually thinking about the beginning that is contained within the ending — the spring that’s incubating inside winter’s belly.

When I look at it that way, I start to see the beginning that’s happening all the time.

Some belief systems remind us that every second we’re dying, every moment is here passing away.

This is true. But every moment also contains a birth, continually refreshing, reemerging, re-starting.

You can start again now. I just did.

It’s Friiiiday

I used to think of Friday as the end of my week, an “aaaaaahhhh” of relief after days of waiting for the weekend.

Do you ever feel that way?

During my busiest weeks (ugh, like this one), I still do.

But I still remember a vow I made to myself in the 7th grade, at the Metro bus stop outside of the University Village in Seattle:

“I will never WAIT for anything again.”

Ha, what a brat. But, I didn’t mean this to emphasize impatience. I meant that “waiting for” is more of an attitude than a physical activity.

So here’s what I ask myself:

Instead of spending M – F “waiting for” the weekend, what can I be “doing with” that same period of time?

If I’m tired and need rest, then rest should come now. Not on Friday. And if it’s the “weekend” but I’m feeling positively lit up by a work project, then why wait?

Like beginnings and endings, it’s natural for play to be contained within our work, for work to be a quiet undertone to our play. (This is also the inspiration behind 10 Days Bali, my Yoga Work-cation in Paradise — some fun updates on that below).

The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer Movie PosterThe Endless Summer is a classic surf movie that I discovered on Netflix a couple of years ago. Two young Californian surfers traveled eastward around the globe in search of the perfect wave, chasing an endless summer.

This was back in the age when people still wore suits and ties to take a airplane flight. There’s virtually no plot.

Instead, it’s a mesmerizing collage of footage following two bright youthful American guys as they encounter unsurfed (but not uninhabited!) beaches of Tahiti, Southern Africa and lots of other places.

And as they continue to head eastward towards Hawaii’s North Shore, they get what they’re after — a surfing season that doesn’t end, and a continual string of new beginnings.

Today is Friday. It’s the end of the week but also the beginning of a new season.

What’s starting for you today?



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