Dear Panera Marketing…

After a long drought of posts here (but many on I Will Teach You To Be Rich and Inside Facebook), I’m trying out a new series: Dear ______ Marketing, alternately a love note or a chain letter to brand marketing teams. Today, it’s Panera, and this one’s a long time coming. Dear Panera Marketing, First off, congratulations. You have clearly … Read More

Why You Should Negotiate (even if you work at Walmart)

Is negotiating right for everyone? Recently, my friend Ramit and I recorded over two hours of video footage all about negotiation: We got an overwhelmingly positive response from all kinds of different people – guys, girls, established professionals, college students, people making lots of money, and people making less all found useful ways to apply the principles of negotiation to … Read More

Time Management For Ambitious People

This is not what you think. This is not another thing on how the ambitious person should optimize his or her little free time in order to get closer to all those ambitions. It is, instead, some ideas for ambitious people on how not to manage time. The problem I’m writing this in the wee hours of the morning. An … Read More

Stuff I never learned at Stanford

Grad school rants are becoming a theme in the blogosphere. Charlie Hoehn wrote a post this week about failing cheaply. When trying to figure out your dream job or project, you might fail. Better to fail cheaply – doing something you initiate on your own – than to pay a grad school $100,000 so you can fail with an egregious … Read More

On Personal Branding and (Not) Being Fake

I started thinking about fakeness today after I had a job interview. I know that sounds bad – like it’s somehow implicating me in this guilty contemplation of what’s fake. Actually, I didn’t feel fake during my job interview, because I was truly talking about myself as the person and candidate I’d previously represented myself to be – through my … Read More