Thing / Cost

Air India – Mumbai to Goa 94.72
Hired car to Dhammalaya (Vipassana Center in the middle of the Maharashtra countryside) 57
Vipassana center donation 70
Hired car back from Dhammalaya, shared with a friend 28
Yoga with Rolf and Marci 315
Yoga with Rolf and Marci 276
Yoga with Rolf and Marci 787
Rolf and Marci Animal Charity Workshop day 100
Rent month 1 296
Rent month 2 271
Rent month 3 (the 300 y/o house) 111
Rent month 4 (the 300 y/o house) 111
Rent month 5 (the 300 y/o house) 111
Monthly food (200×5 months) 1000
Turkish Airways – Mumbai to Istanbul to Toronto 841.28
Round trip flight from Istanbul to Akyaka 90
Taxis and transport in Akyaka 50
Food in Akyaka 200
Rent in Istanbul 0
Food in Istanbul 800
Air Canada Toronto to Seattle 347.61
Virgin America Seattle to SFO 114.4
Museums and miscellaneous in Istanbul 100
Taxis and transport in Istanbul 100
Cell phone in Istanbul 50
Structural bodywork sessions with Stuart Girling 240
Estimate of miscellaneous stuff I can’t remember 1000

Total 8408.67

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