Why an email list? Isn’t a blog / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn enough?

Good question! Social media does already offer a lot of points of contact, almost too any. But in my book, email will always be king.

Here are some more specifics.

1. I like email.

Email is direct and one-to-one, and, unlike phone calls, it allows people some time to consider and compose their thoughts before they erupt into a blurt or a stutter.

2. Email is personal.

The best emailers know how to make their emails tailored, empathic, telepathic.

I like email because it lets me be personal. I ask people to write back to me on my email list, and this lets me get to know strangers who become friends. We get right to the good stuff without cool-ifying our words for Facebook or Twitter. No one is watching us, so no one’s putting on a show.

3. Email isn’t brief.

Email challenges me to write and send something of value, not just throw it over the social media fence.

Bob Bly said the greatest wrong you can commit as a marketer is to waste someone’s time, and email — especially my email list — keeps me accountable to the people whose time and attention I’m asking for.

4. I can share more openly.

It’s a select group, and emails aren’t Google-able.

5. I can share early ideas, ‘preview’ stuff or things I might otherwise feel shy about.

My email list comes first and foremost, and the site comes next. See reasons 1 – 4 above.

Email is our modern version of old fashioned letter-writing, the age-old exchange of contemplations, debate, and LOVE that smart people have been engaged in for thousands of years.

But see for yourself. I send weekly-ish emails with inspirations for marketing and for life.

You can join the emails right here.

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